Principal's Message

I am honored to be the principal of Branch Elementary School. I want to express my gratitude for you entrusting us with your child/ children for 180 days. As a staff, we understand the importance of the partnership between parents, teachers, and students in creating a successful and nurturing learning environment. This year, I aim to strengthen and develop relationships through listening and connecting with students, parents, and the school community. 


A strong foundation of trust and communication is vital for a thriving educational experience. Your insights, concerns, and feedback are invaluable, and I encourage an open line of dialogue throughout the school year. I have been amazed at our young leaders and their initiative to contact me to discuss the start of our school year. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to work together, listen, and learn from each other.


As we embark on this academic journey, we are committed to enhancing our instructional programs to continue the great work we've been doing. Our dedicated team of educators has been tirelessly refining our curriculum to cater to the individual needs of each student. We strive to create a dynamic and engaging classroom environment where students can learn at high levels to reach their fullest potential.


In the spirit of "growing together," I believe that every voice counts. By working as a unified team—parents, teachers, and students—we can create an educational environment that is intellectually stimulating and emotionally supportive.


Let's make this a remarkable and transformative year for each and every student. We can foster a love for learning, cultivate curiosity, and build a brighter future.


Thank you,


Email: [email protected]

Whitney Whitney, Principal