Computer Lab

The goal in the Computer Lab is to get your child familiar with the computer, its functions, their personal logins, google accounts, as well as internet safety. It is important for our students to learn, respect computer technology, as well as Digital Citizenship. Our students have access to computer technology in multiple ways here a Branch. We not only have a Computer Lab with 35 computers, we have computers and or Chromebooks in every classroom. 

On this page you will find multiple links for your student(s) to use at home that they also use in the classroom for assignments and computer skills. Links for typing, as well as links for Clever and other online resources are available. The pages are set up per grade for specific links to websites the teachers have chosen to use correlating with what they are working on in the classroom both for homework and research such as Wonders, Spelling City, and Reflex. Most of your students academic information will be found under the Clever account. 

  • Grades K-6 have access to the computer lab once a week in addition to the Chromebooks in the classrooms. 

Currently the goals set forth in the Computer Lab are to familiarize your student(s) with logging on to their personal Google; getting into their google account, learning google functions, and typing skills.

My personal goal is for our lower grades to be able to come into the lab and log on to their computers unassisted and go into their typing program which is accessed through this web page. As for the upper grades proficiency in typing, Google, and navigating safely on the internet. 


Technology is our future, let's show them the safe way! 


Computer Lab Schedule

Clever access

Google for Education

Parents Guide to Google

Google Shortcuts

Here are some resources to help you better navigate your student's new google classroom. Below you will find how to log into Clever and Google Classroom. All of our students are familiar with how to log into Clever, with that said if they need assistance with their user ID and password, you are welcome to contact Mrs. Montesinos at

Join a class with a class code

  1. Go to Clever and have your student login
  2. Scroll own to your student google classroom icon 
  3. At the top, click Add Add and then Join class.

    Click Join class

  4. Enter the class code your teacher gave you and click Join.
  5. Your class code is (copy and paste) = s5kp7mu

    Enter class code