We are pleased to have your child attending our school! We want to assure you that although GATE budgets are at minimum funding levels, the Branch staff is committed to meeting the unique needs of your GATE student. Please take the time to fill out the attached form and return it to the school secretary as soon as possible. This information will be passed along to your child’s teacher along with your child’s GATE test scores and specific area(s) of giftedness. If you would like to meet with your child’s teacher regarding differentiation practices please indicate that on the form as well.

AB 2313 requires that services for gifted and talented students be planned and organized as integrated differentiated learning experienceswithin the regular school day. In order to receive funding, a district’s GATE program must be planned and organized as an integrated,differentiated learning experience within the regular school day. This service may be supplemented with other services such as after school programs, independent study, postsecondary education, enrichment, or pull out programs. These programs are considered supplemental, just one component of a comprehensive program.

Lucia Mar’s focus is on differentiation practices during the school day. Some schools may have volunteers who are willing to run after school programs for students, but our primary goal is to see that your student is challenged appropriately during the school day. If you are willing to run an after school enrichment class please contact me. 

Last school year we sent four teachers to the California Association for the Gifted (CAG) conference. These teachers shared with the staff strategies and techniques that enhance learning for students. Parents are also encouraged to attend this conference. Look for more information on the website,


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